General Liability

Throughout our many years representing clients in every walk of life BGP has provided counsel and representation to individuals and business entities concerning a multitude of disputes involving personal injuries, breach of contracts, estate disputes, business relationships and related matters. Our clients are located throughout New York State—Buffalo/Rochester to Albany to New York City and east to Riverhead, New York.

Our office has represented persons and business entities in litigation involving motor vehicle accidents and premises liability, including design, maintenance, possession, supervision and security of real property and appurtenant structures and instrumentalities.

From intake to trial and beyond, we are dedicated to a single proposition: critical review of all facts and circumstances so as to promote the efficient and effective representation of each client at the earliest possible opportunity. We believe that a successful outcome is based upon the marshaling of data from multiple sources, be they contracts, architectural drawings, photographs, eyewitness observations, testimony and expert analysis. Whether we go to trial or settle a case, at BGP we understand that the client is the ultimate decision maker; however, we make sure that our clients are well armed with everything they need to make the most intelligent and informed decision possible.