Health Care Law

Our team has presented in-house educational programs to physicians and hospital staff in an effort to aid our clients in the identification of potential litigation hotspots, methodologies of reducing the risk of litigation, and rapid responses to unintended results that my reduce litigation. Our presentations also focus on the legal issues of the EMR, record preservation, HIPAA and, going forward, the Affordable Care Act. Simply stated, when our clients come to us they have the confidence that we know what we are doing and, most importantly, that they are not alone when dealing with regulatory agencies.

  • Billing Agreements
  • Compliance Issues (Stark, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Concierge Agreements
  • Day to Day Matters
  • Employment Agreements with Medical or Dental Practices or Hospitals
  • Hospital Privilege Matters
  • Practice Mergers/Separations including Purchase or Sale of Medical or Dental Practices
  • Professional  Disciplinary Proceedings (OPMC/OPD) and Licensing
  • Shareholder/Partnership Agreements
  • Third Party Payor Agreements and Audits
  • Risk Analysis and Management